Translation Team

Dwiputri Pertiwi

Putri writes, translates, and teaches English in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her interests include literature, visual art, music, and pop culture. She has self-published two collections of poems, Hiatus (2014) and Visions of Mundane Madness (2015), and has since worked on various multi-disciplinary projects with friends and collaborators.  

Mitrardi Sangkoyo

Mitra writes and translates in English/Indonesian and does freelance research. His interests include political economy, political ecology, urban studies, and music. Published translations include “Hungry Coal: Pertambangan Batu Bara dan Dampaknya Terhadap Ketahanan Pangan Indonesia” (JATAM, 2018) and “Mengenal Perbedaan Kerja-teralienasi Digital (Digital Labour) dan Kerja-Umum Digital (Digital Work)” (IndoProgress, 2018).

Syarafina Vidhyadana

Avi is a translator, interpreter, and poet. Her interests include language, feminism, and the politics of emotion. She runs a Jakarta-based language collective called In Other Words.