Editorial Team

Eunike Gloria

Nike is an IR kid turned to International Development, and currently settling in History.  She reads intellectual and development history, specialized in SE Asia, occassionally East Asia. She loves footnotes and long nap, also enjoying anime and kpop on daily basis.

Fajri Siregar

Fajri is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Trained in Sociology and adept at using both qualitative and quantitative methods, he has a keen interest in the production of knowledge, particularly social science. Sees this website as a positive distraction from working on his thesis. Yes, he definitely needs to get his priorities right.

Mahardhika Sajad

Dhika is a PhD Candidate at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research combines media and policy analysis with ethnographic research on reactions in Indonesia to the presence of refugees from abroad. She is interested in the complexities of people’s movements, their narratives of identity, emotions, and affect. She’s spending her time at home during the pandemic to write, knit, and unsuccessfully learn how to play the ukulele. Oh, and recently finished a 2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle.

Perdana Putri

Pepe is now PhD-ing in Sociology at Northwestern University. Her research mostly focuses on the entanglement of gender/sexual division of labor, climatic shock, and social reproduction, broadly defined. Her method interests are ethnography and biomarking for social science. A vegetarian, she is still on her quest to find the ultimate affordable, non-class biased, whitewashing free, and actually-delicious vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Her hatred against bakso is unfathomable.

Sarani Pitor Pakan

Pitor is a lecturer in Tourism at Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. Before jumping into an academic career, he was a football and lifestyle journalist; balancing a fan’s subjective ego with journalistic objectivism, a Frankfurt School paradigm and urban consumerism-led coverage. Now he makes peace with himself by researching waves and surf tourism, as well as continuing longitudinal observation about backpacking/traveling culture among Indonesians. He likes to write prose in ugahari.net and tourism-related piece in telusuri.id.